Frequently Asked Questions

Are the word limits strict?

Word limits are to be strictly observed. Judges will only receive the portion of the application within the word limits.

Do I have to answer all of the questions?

Entrants are asked to answer all of the questions on the application to the best of your ability. In the event that you are legally unable to disclose requested information, please indicate so and, if possible, provide a brief explanation of the situation.

Should I be entering my company or my product?

Your product or marketing campaign/project.

I’ve submitted my product in previous MITX Awards programs, can I submit it again?

Yes. If you have previously entered, be sure to specifically address the new features that have been added to your solution since the last submission.

Can I submit my entry to more than one category?

Yes, each entry can be submitted into a maximum of three categories.

Should I send supplementary materials like brochures, demo software or white papers along with my submission?

No. There is a fine line between the appropriate amount of information and too much information. That said, within the application, you do have the option to submit a link to a pitch deck or other brief supplemental materials. Judges tend to like submissions that are concise and direct, allowing them to understand the entry easily and quickly.

What should I be sure to address in my submission?

Be sure to address the real-world business problem solved or the benefit provided. Judges are not looking for a litany of features or functions, they want to know about impact and true innovation.