B2B Integrated Marketing

This category showcases memorable marketing campaigns created for B2B companies: Any business that lives to provide a service or product to another business. The campaigns featured in this category seamlessly deliver a unified message integrated across multiple channels.


 Jack Morton Worldwide - Boston – Eaton Desk Toy Decision
SMALL ARMY – Leica BLK360 Teaser Announcement Campaign
PJA Advertising + Marketing – Baxalta 'Inspire By'
CommCreative – RSA Conference
PJA Advertising + Marketing – Mimecast 'Had Enough Yet?'
SapientRazorfish – Sprouts IO
Boston Interactive – Suffolk Construction


B2C Integrated Marketing

Reserved for campaigns targeted directly to consumers, this category features entries which transform consumer goods into consumer greats. The campaigns featured in this category seamlessly deliver a unified message integrated across multiple channels.


Arnold WorldWide - Real Estate Phil's-osophies
Connelly Partners - Samsonite "We Carry the World"
SMALL ARMY - Boston Medical Center "Make Yourself Primary"
SapientRazorfish - Dunkin' Donuts Art of the Craft
SMALL ARMY - Leica BLK360 Teaser Announcement Campaign

Education Marketing

New England is home to some of the leading academic institutions and leaders in the country. This category is dedicated to recognizing marketing initiatives that promote colleges and universities, programs within a school, or online learning platforms.


Genuine - UL Xplorlabs
Primacy - Everything Matters Campaign
iFactory - Bennington College
OHO Interactive - Roosevelt University Website Redesign

Best Content Marketing Program

Entries in this category use content channels to drive engagement and awareness. Successful campaigns make the most of these channels as a creative medium that entertains, educates, and enhances the user experience.


SapientRazorfish - First Aid Shot Therapy
Arnold Worldwide -Barrel Hunt
CTP - Studio 360 Video Series
Racepoint Global - HARMAN Connected Services
AT&T with FleishmanHillard - AT&T with FleishmanHillard - TOMS
Sapient Razorfish - World Nutella Day

Healthcare, Wellness & Pharmaceutical Marketing

Digitally-enabled, health conscious consumers are expecting more than ever. Entries in this high-growth category demonstrate their innovation in marketing fitness, health and wellness products, services, information resources and/or facilities.


SMALL ARMY - Boston Medical Center Patient Stories
Mad*Pow - ImagineCare
PJA Advertising + Marketing - Shire Rare Disease Day
White Rhino - Overlake Medical Center

Cause, Nonprofit & Government Marketing

The marketing initiatives in this category include those created either to benefit society through a socially responsible act, or for or by a nonprofit organization, fundraising and charity program, or government agency. This category acknowledges the innovative campaigns that are directly or indirectly driving social or civic impact.


Project 88442 - #LawsNotTweets
CTP - Save the Children: Nursery Rhyme
Hill Holliday - Edward M Kennedy Institute: Senator for the Day
Hill Holliday - #OneBostonDay
Artprof.org - Art Prof

Travel, Entertainment & Leisure Marketing

It's not difficult to love marketing that promotes a good time. This category honors unforgettable marketing efforts created for businesses in the hospitality, travel or tourism industries (such as hotels and airlines) and entertainment and leisure industry (such as restaurants, movie theaters, casinos and museums).


Isobar - Wyndham Vacationality
SapientRazorfish -The Record Company
Traktek Partners -Sonesta Resort & Hotels

Financial Services & Insurance Marketing

A highly regulated and competitive industry, financial services and insurance marketers must be both creative and engaging to capture their audiences. This category highlights efforts created for companies that market or sell financial products or services.


Fidelity Investments - Fidelity's Mobile Apps Featuring "The Feed"
Cantina - Empower Retirement Apple Watch App
Fishnet Media -Fred C Church Insurance Website Redesign
Sallie Mae -Sallie Mae Website Redesign
Sallie Mae -Sallie Mae Mobile / Watch App
TIAA -Preparing for Retirement

Best Website Design or Redesign

This category showcases best in class websites built for the end user. This could be a website design, redesign, or a campaign landing page. These sites use innovative ways to communicate and engage their customers, while showcasing their brand’s value.


Stoltze Design - Fidelity Health Marketplace Website
Web Design Boston - Talamas
Genuine - Kronos
Web Design Boston - Rize One