Technology Categories

The Technology Awards categories celebrate technology innovations that are driving industries forward and revolutionizing the way we work and play.

Best "Newbie" Technology

This award recognizes a service powered by technology or product that is new to market in 2015, and shows strong potential to make an impact. Submissions should be different and innovative, and have a viable implementation and growth strategy.

Best B2B Technology

Innovative technologies have made it easier for companies to do business with their customers, thereby not only making our work lives easier and more effective, but ultimately our customers happier. This category recognizes innovative technologies that are fundamentally improving how B2B organizations interact and engage with their customers.

Best B2C Technology

From personal productivity applications, team schedulers, digital banking and savings tools, to health and wellness maintenance tools, this category recognizes technology innovations that help make our lives richer and easier as consumers.

Best Employee Efficiency Technology

This category recognizes innovative technologies that are fundamentally improving how organizations get things done - through collaboration, communication, efficiency and overall output of their employees.

Best Tech Innovation in Shopping & eCommerce

Collective buying, swapping, flash sales, personalized products and mobile: these game changers have transformed, and continue to transform, the eCommerce world. This category rewards the digital disruptors that are driving the furious innovation within our richly evolving eCommerce sector.

Best UX

Think of this as the "Steve Jobs was right" award. Interface and usability design are critical to users as they embrace new technology products, whether on the desktop, tablet or handheld. Winners in this category will feature engaging, intuitive navigation, incorporate "state of the art" design practices that enhance the overall user experience and simplify the use of the product.

Most Innovative Use of IoT

IoT extends the sphere of innovation beyond designing better performing or cost-effective products to creating "connected assets" that enable new value propositions throughout the useful life of a product — from its manufacturing to shipment, to the customer's location, or to its intended performance in the field. This category celebrates companies deploying this disruptive technology to provide value to consumers or businesses.

Most Innovative Ad Technology

It's no longer "digital marketing," rather "marketing in a digital world." So advertisers must take advantage of the benefits digital can provide using the latest and greatest advertising technology. This category spotlights the innovative platforms that are revolutionizing how to get the right message at the right time to the right people.

Most Insightful Big Data & Analytics Innovation

Whether analyzing user behavior, stock price fluctuations, data anomalies, or advertising effectiveness, companies gather incredible amounts of information. Products in this category help to create actionable value for their users as a result of insightfully spotting trends, patterns, and unanticipated relationships.

Most Innovative Healthcare & Life Sciences Technology

The healthcare and life sciences landscape is being driven by digital innovation. Those that embrace digital holistically will succeed. This category celebrates the innovations helping to improve quality of life, patient experience, and physician impact.

Most Innovative Financial Technology

Retail financial services are being further digitized via mobile wallets, payment apps, robo-advisors for wealth and retirement planning, equity crowdfunding platforms for access to private and alternative investment opportunities and online lending platforms. These fin-tech services are enhancing the business of money and banking.

Most Innovative CyberSecurity Technology

The old IT world is dying. Cyber security experts now have to deal with threats created by the Cloud, the Internet of Things, mobile and wearable technology. Data that was once contained within systems are traveling through a dizzying variety of routers, data centers and hosts. Firewalls, anti-virus measures and tool-based security approaches no longer cut it. Entrants in this category offer new solutions to keep data safe.